Monday, April 20, 2015

Earth is Our Home

Below is a new preschooler short I did for Mother Goose Club, "Earth Is Our Home". I was handed a pretty loose outline for this one and was given a bit more freedom. So in addition to my usual storyboard, animation, comp, and edit duties I also wrote it. Astrid Riemer did design work. As I am supplied the audio, I don't know who wrote the music, but it's a cute song. Enjoy!

Fake Ryu Animation

I spent some time BETA testing two of the new versions of Harmony 12 last month. I was really impressed with the new bitmap brushes, so I made a little assignment for myself to use them a bit more extensively. I wanted to do some traditional animation with them. For lack of coming up with anything original, I did this knock-off version of Ryu from Street Fighter. I really just wanted to show someone throwing a fireball, and as I worked he slowly became more-and-more Ryu-like. So he's not quite Ryu. He's Fake Ryu.

Monday, November 24, 2014

"The Wheels on the Bus"

   Back in June, I was approached to do a short for "The Wheels on the Bus" by Sockeye. The only provision that I was asked to follow was to make the Bus a character along the lines of Thomas the Tank Engine. They already have a short in their playlist for this song, so I thought about what would make my version different than is already there? Going further I asked myself what would make my version different than the hundreds of other versions of "Wheels on the Bus" on Youtube?

   I decided I needed a little bit of a story to go along with the track, and more importantly I felt that we needed to feel like we were actually going someplace with this Bus. So I concocted the characters that we meet and a small journey that builds as the short moves along. I posted a small preview here a few weeks ago. At last its finally posted and ready to share.

   For this, I wanted to get back to my roots a bit more. I wanted to put as much traditional animation as I could fit into the schedule. The other mission was to make it visually interesting other than just ink and paint so I pushed for a water color effect. Custom brushes were built in Harmony for the character animation, and the backgrounds were painted in Photoshop. I had previous experience building the look for the Secret Seven spot I worked on last winter, but for this short i was more inspired by Miyazaki's water color sketches for My Neighbor Totoro. I liked that rough pencil line on a more saturated palette.

   The only thing I didn't handle was the sound effects that were added in after final delivery. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

11 Second Club November 2014

So I've been looking for something with dialog to animate traditionally for a little while now, and I came across this month's selection at the 11 Second Club. I love this scene from Clear and Present Danger so I had to give it a shot. This is just my first pass doing some rough animation and blocking in some acting choices. His design is all over the place, but some of the core shapes are in there. I don't think I'll have time to get this wrapped up for the 11 Second Club's contest, but I'll work on it when I can nonetheless.